Volker Ide (M.Sc.), Passionate Indie Unity developer creating the next generation of bio-inspired games. Join me on this exciting journey! 🎮🌱 #GameDev #UnityDev #BioGaming

 My principal professional activity: TV writer, medical and science journalist, director, and filmmaker. Bringing captivating stories from the world of medicine and biology to the screen. 📺🔬 #TVAuthor #ScienceJournalist #FilmDirector!searchterm=volker%20ide

„Welcome to my world of science storytelling! Join me on a captivating journey as we explore the wonders of biology and medicine. Let’s learn and be inspired together! 📺🔬 #ScienceTV #TVAuthor #NDR #GermanTV

Winner of the 2001 „Prix Leonardo“ in Silver at the „Fondazione Medikinale International Parma“ Science Film Festival, Italy.