Join Kitty on her journey to meet many of the garden’s inhabitants.

You might see a busy bee collecting nectar, or a squirrel scurrying up a tree. And don’t forget to listen for the chirping of birds.

From bees to moles, learn interesting facts about the flora and fauna on your doorstep.

• Where does the blackbird hide?

• What lives in the garden shed?

• What animals live in the compost?

• What does the hedgehog like to eat?

• How do bees, bumblebees and wasps live?

• And what is hidden under the molehill?

• What animals live in and around the garden pond?

Many exciting places, animals and plants that can be discovered with the click of a finger.

• An owl appears at every spot that can be discovered.

• Click on it once with your finger.

• The new scene is loaded

• Click on the magnifying glass, the menu is activated.

• Click on the speaker and the text will be read to you.

• Or you can read the text yourself.

• Click on the book and the text appears.

• Click on the book again and the text disappears.

• Click on GER and choose the German language.

• Click on EN for the English language.

• Click the X button to clear the screen.

• Click the home button to return to the main game.

• You can move Kitty to the right or left on the screen with your finger.