We’re excited to present our charming and popular bedtime story, „Nighty Night Kids – Winter“ Edition, now available on the App Store! Experience the magic of winter in this delightful app. For more fun and information, please visit our new webspace at https://nextbiogames.com/. Get ready for a wonderful winter adventure!

In „Nighty Night Kids – Winter,“ the lily pond is covered in a loving winter fur, creating a peaceful and serene atmosphere. After a day full of winter excitement, the little fly Emma is tired and ready to go to sleep.

However, all the inhabitants of the frozen lily pond are still awake. They need help tidying away their toys in the toy box so they can join Emma in a restful sleep. Your kids can assist by simply dragging and dropping the toys into the box.

Each house needs four toys put away, and once the task is completed, the dream fairy will bring sweet dreams to you and the lovely characters of the lily pond.

Children will love preparing the adorable residents of the lily pond for sleep, including Emma the little fly, Mia the duck, and Noah the lovable cockerel. As they watch the animals fall asleep in their cozy houses, your kids will be inspired to follow suit and get ready for their own bedtime.

„Nighty Night Kids – Winter“ is a gorgeous and interactive eBook with simple, subtle, and clever features. The app includes calming narration, charming designs, and animations by award-winning filmmaker Dipl. Biologist Volker Ide. The delightful imagery, animations, interactive objects, and nature sounds create an immersive and soothing experience.

This app is perfect for establishing a daily go-to-sleep ritual for children aged 2-4. The relaxing winter sounds and the nurturing spoken tale foster creativity and imagination. Plus, there’s no need for internet or Wi-Fi connection, so you can play the app wherever and whenever.

Here are a few reviews from our satisfied users:

„This thing always makes me sleep; it’s so cute!“

„This is adorable! My son loves it. Thank you so much!!!“

„Just watched with my daughter, really nice!“

„Thanks, this makes it so much better when I have to babysit my baby brother.“

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